Off-grid Hydro Load Controller

Off-grid hydro load controller

Heart of an off-grid hydro power plant is the controller which guarantees the quality and availability of energy from the plant. Record breaking 8 years of continuous operation has been made possible by rigorous testing and continuous improvements. Controller which keeps your plant operating in optimum condition throughout the year has been carefully designed by the experience we gained in the field over the years.

Grid Synchronizer Relay

Products | Grid Synchronizer Relay

The microprocessor-based relay provides a combination of functions including control, monitoring, protection and semi-automation of grid synchronization. Main function of the relay is to monitor the parameters (voltage, frequency and phase angle) and close the breaker at the right time. It comes with built-in numerous protection features ensuring continuous operation of the power house.

Automatic Synchronizer

Products | Automatic Synchronizer

This module is a further development of Grid Synchronizer Relay. It automates Prime mover (Turbine) governing and Field excitation. It comes with numerous built-in protection features as well. In hydro applications, water level sensing and flow control are also built into this module ensuring maximum power output all the time.


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