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This module is a further development of Grid Synchronizer Relay. It automates Prime mover (Turbine) governing and Field excitation. It comes with numerous built-in protection features as well. In hydro applications, water level sensing and flow control are also built into this module ensuring maximum power output all the time.

Adjustable upper/lower voltage deviation
Adjustable upper/lower frequency deviation
Adjustable phase angle setting
Voltage, frequency and phase angle indicators
Adjustable nominal voltage and frequency setting

Adjustable upper nominal voltage (Umax/V): 230 → 240 (resolution 1.0)
Adjustable lower nominal voltage (Umax/V): 220 → 230 (resolution 1.0)
Adjustable voltage deviation (ΔU/V): 0.1 → 3.0 (resolution 0.1)
Adjustable frequency deviation (Δf/Hz): 0.02 → 0.5 (resolution 0.01)
Adjustable phase angle setting (Δφ/°): 5 → 15 (resolution 1)
Operate time of circuit beaker (Δt/s): 0.05 → 0.25 (resolution 0.01)

Dead-bus detection
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) immunity
Fast transient
Surge arrester