Off-grid hydro load controller

Heart of an off-grid hydro power plant is the controller which guarantees the quality and availability of energy from the plant. A few number of controller manufacturers are there in the world and one of the successful controllers is designed and built by Simple Engineering. Due to novel approach in load switching, we have been able to produce a pure sine voltage output from the generator.

Pure sine wave output (zero wave form distortion)
3 Phase / 1 Phase
High immunity under load fluctuations (smooth handling of irregular fluctuations of motor loads)
Synchronous and induction generator controlling
High reliability
Any other customized feature based on customer requirement
Configurable under/over voltage setting
Configurable under/over frequency setting

Ballast switching technology: Zero crossing
Ballast arrangement: Binary weighted load
Maximum capacity: up to 100kW
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz (+/- 1 Hz)
Nominal Voltage: 230V / 400V

Under and over voltage protection
High and low frequency protection
Optically coupled high and low voltage systems
Multi level surge protection
Emergency shutdown signal generation

In addition, comprehensive O&M manual and operator training are supplied.