Products | Grid Synchronizer Relay

The microprocessor-based relay provides a combination of functions including control, monitoring, protection and semi-automation of grid synchronization. Main function of the relay is to monitor the parameters (voltage, frequency and phase angle) and close the breaker at the right time. It comes with built-in numerous protection features ensuring continuous operation of the power house.

Adjustable upper/lower nominal voltage
Adjustable upper/lower voltage deviation
Adjustable upper/lower frequency deviation
Adjustable phase angle setting
Time adjustment
LED status indicator

Adjustable upper nominal voltage (Umax/V): 230 → 240 (resolution 1.0)
Adjustable lower nominal voltage (Umax/V): 220 → 230 (resolution 1.0)
Adjustable voltage deviation (ΔU/V): 0.1 → 3.0 (resolution 0.1)
Adjustable frequency deviation (Δf/Hz): 0.02 → 0.5 (resolution 0.01)
Adjustable phase angle setting (Δφ/°): 5 → 15 (resolution 1)
Operate time of circuit beaker (Δt/s): 0.05 → 0.25 (resolution 0.01)

Dead-bus detection
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) immunity
Fast transient
Surge arrester