Simple Engineering is equipped with state of the art tools and skilled personnel for a thorough analysis of energy flows within the building and process. Software tools are used in analyzing gathered data in order to find the energy loop holes. We advice on process changes in order to maximize energy efficiency. Electrical and Thermal analysis are the two key areas we concentrate for an energy audit.

An energy audit is an inspection, examination and analysis of existing energy flows in/out to/from the system with the intention of improving energy efficiency (energy conservation) of the building or the process without adversely affecting the output.

Electrical analysis is carried out to assess various electrical energy demand patterns, sizing of machinery, technology being used, mechanical losses, power factor, utility bill.
Collected data is analyzed, tabulated and graphed to get a complete understanding of the current situation of the business/process/building.

Then we advice on demand management, probable mechanical improvements, equipment aging issues, personnel awareness, applicability of latest technology, sizing of machinery and power factor correction

In addition, identification of various energy conservation opportunities are also analyzed.

Thermal analysis is carried out to assess various heat losses in the process, insulation methods, technology being used, combustion and heat recycling.

Collected data/information is then analyzed and advice on improvements regarding combustion, waste heat recovery mechanisms, novel insulation technics.

Quality assessment of existing machinery & equipment and machine fit-for-purpose checkups are carried out to ensure all the machinery and equipment been designed for the purpose and rated correctly to minimize waste and save environment.

In addition, staff awareness, introduction of energy performance monitoring and estimation methods, machine/process modifications, bench marking are also carried out.


Food Processing
Glass, Steel & Metal Work
Office & Commercial Buildings
Garment Factories


Boiler & Steam Systems
Electric Motors
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Furnaces & Kilns
Pumps & Compressors
Waste Energy Recovery Systems