We are well experienced in both grid connected and off-grid hydro power plants. Various phases of the project development life cycle are described below. We are capable of implementing all the stages as well.

We will assess the goals of the hydro project in terms of socioeconomic perspective. Economics and social aspects are well studied and analyzed. Investigation of existing infrastructure and resources available for the project are also assessed.

Inspection of the area where the project is proposed is carried out to estimate the  initial tasks needed for the project. It will determine the precise locations, access routes, site orientation as well. In addition, obstacles are also analyzed in order to better prepare for them.

We manufacture some of the components and some are imported. We have a trusted set of suppliers who are capable of supplying the necessary machinery at a much lower cost due to our mutual agreements with the suppliers.

We are hydro consultants. You can rely on our advises for a better implemented project. We advice on technology and processes needed in order to fulfill the project goals. Our expertise in hydro sector can lead to a well running and low maintenance plant.

We undertake full development of the project starting from feasibility study till commissioning of the plant. Use of expert knowledge, proper planning, latest technology and advanced equipment will be the secret behind the well implemented and operating hydro plant.