We are well experienced in both grid connected and off-grid hydro power plants. We have the capacity to carry out maintenance and repair tasks in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic aspects of a hydro power plant.

Investigation of the problem doesn’t always link with the most easiest seen cause. Troubleshooting a plant is an engineering challenge since the actual cause of the problem may have been hidden from the laymen. It may only be seen by an hydro expert. Simple Engineering is comprised of engineers who are conversant in electro-mechanical aspects of the plant.

We undertake all the electro-mechanical repairing/maintenance tasks in hydro power plants. With state of the art tools, we can deliver a job with utmost satisfaction. Down time is minimum which is a great relief for plant owner.

There are some parts/functionalities of the plants which can be automated. We have developed our own control software and tools so that the plant can run with minimum operator assistance. Available water content for power generation changes from time to time due to rain and drought. Plant can be automated to extract the maximum energy out of water.

We have state of the art CNC tools for turbine repairing. We repair crossflow, pelton wheel, turgo and francis turbines with utmost care. In addition, old legacy English systems are converted to metric systems giving you a lower maintenance cost in the long run.